Geometric DFMPro 4.1 for UG NX 6 7 8 9 10 11 32/64位


Geometric DFMPro 4.1 for UG NX 6 7 8 9 10 11 32/64位
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Geometric DFMPro v4.1.0.3139 for UG NX 6.0-11.0 32/64位

系统要求:需要预先安装NX 6.0-11.0 * WIN 32/64位(NX 11.0官方不正式支持,但可以使用)
DFMPro(Design For Manufacturbility Professiona)是一个易于使用的工具,用于验证零部件制造为一体的西门子NX的设计师和工艺工程师。它的使用可以更​​容易地检查并定义项目,可以是费时或昂贵的制造相对于车削,铣削,车削,铣削,加工和其它片材的技术部件。
在机遇和铣削或车削原则方面技术细节快速分析通过模块DFMPro运行。您只需选择项目类型 - 铣削和车削 - 几秒钟内得到可能的处理问题的详细报告。 DFMPro找到所有不可用对不符合企业深度/直径或者比标准范围孔直径的标准的切割件,四舍五入的外边缘和三角内角,孔面对外部的面不垂直于它们或穿过内部空腔,甚至膨胀的精度公差。对于转动部件也被发现在槽而不对内径四舍五入,并且它不是圆形的圆边。数值可加工标准可以广泛根据企业的要求而变化。
DFMPro在增加的要求的系统的能力的情况下用于验证部件的制造,以及用于相对于使用这样的工具来铣削和钣金零件。该模块执行检查更大数目 - 和检查部件不仅几何形状,但用户和属性,例如品牌的材料的 - 但还可以调整在分析规则显著更宽。

Geometric DFMPro 4.1 for UG NX 6 7 8 9 10 11 32/64位


DFMPro (Design For Manufacturbility Professional) is an easy-to-use tool for verifying manufacturability of parts and components for designers and process engineers integrated in Siemens NX. Its use makes it easier to check and define the technological parts of the project, which can be time-consuming or costly to manufacture with respect to turning, milling, turning, milling, processing and other sheet.
Rapid analysis of the technological details in terms of opportunities and milling or turning principles runs through module DFMPro. You simply select the type of items - milling and turning - and within seconds get a detailed report on the possible processing problems. DFMPro find all unavailable for the cutter elements that do not meet standards of the enterprise ratio depth / diameter or accessories to the standard range of hole diameters, rounding the outer edges and triangular inner corners, holes facing the outside faces are not perpendicular to them or cross the internal cavity, and even inflated accuracy tolerances. For turning parts are also to be found the groove without rounding on the inner diameter, and it's not rounded circular edge. Numerical values ​​processability criteria can be varied widely in accordance with requirements of the enterprise.
DFMPro is used in case of increased requirements to the capabilities of the system to verify the manufacturability of parts, as well as for the use of such a tool in relation to the milling and sheet metal parts. This module performs a greater number of checks - and examines not only the geometry of the parts, but the user and attributes, such as the brand of the material - but also allows you to adjust the rules in the analysis significantly wider predelah.
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