SolidCAM 2018 SP2 For Solidworks 2012-2018 简繁体中文英文


SolidCAM 2018 SP2 For Solidworks 2012-2018 简繁体中文英文
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SolidCAM2018作为CAM软件的领导者,无缝集成于SOLIDWORKS和Autodesk Inventor。SolidCAM是唯一拥有无与伦比iMachining的CAM解决方案。SolidCAM和iMachining提供了令人难以置信的加工时间和提高效率,为SolidCAM全球用户把数控机床加工转化为利润和成功。
专利的工艺向导提供自动化的进给和转速值,从而更快、更简单的编程,大大提升了编程效率。第一次使用她是非常正确的…每一次都是正确的。SolidCAM软件支持所有类型的CNC应用,是无缝集成于SOLIDWORKS的CAM软件的领导者。SolidCAM + SOLIDWORKS提供最佳的无缝集成CAD / CAM解决方案。
在铣削零件时与其它CAM软件相比,SolidCAM iMachining在试切时易学易用和节约编程时间、极大的延长刀具使用寿命方面赢得胜利。
SolidCAM 2018 For Solidworks 2012-2018
 SolidCAM is the best solution for manufacturing inside of SolidWorks. The most successful manufacturing companies today are using integrated CAD/CAM systems to reduce costs and get products to market faster. In the past, integrated CAD/CAM solutions were so expensive that only Fortune 500 companies could afford them. Integrated CAD/CAM solutions were also difficult to learn and use, so a company needed degreed engineers to tackle the complexities. SolidCAM has broken that tradition by providing an easy to use, powerful pairing of applications that has a low investment and a short ROI.
SolidCAM is the fastest growing CAM application in the world, and has been for several years. It is completely integrated inside today’s leading CAD solutions. All machining strategies are defined without ever leaving the CAD environment. There is no loss of data or other problems with translation that plague stand alone CAM systems. Because SolidCAM is truly associative, changes to the design are automatically updated through to the tool path.
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