DriveWorks Pro V16 for SolidWorks 2010-2018 SW自动设计插件


 DriveWorks Pro V16 for SolidWorks 2010-2018 SW自动设计插件
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DriveWorks产品团队很高兴地宣布推出DriveWorks Pro V16软件。该解决方案允许用户在设计过程中自动执行重复任务,并简化设计和制造文档和数据的生成。
在DriveWorks 16中,我们建立了广泛的设计自动化功能,极大地增强了我们的3D功能,并确保DriveWorks成为制造公司的强大配置器和CPQ解决方案。
此版本侧重于增强稳定性和性能,可扩展性和可用性以及新功能。 DriveWorks 16中的许多增强功能都来自客户建议。
以下是DriveWorks 16中的一些增强功能/新功能:
- 性能增强
- 计时器
- 在SOLIDWORKS组件中插入位置和配合
- 包括布局的动态3D预览
- 新规范任务,功能和生成任务
DriveWorks Solo和DriveWorks Pro帮助文件和在线文档已更新,以反映DriveWorks 16,因此您可以在需要时继续在线查找答案和文章。
DriveWorks Pro V16 SP0
关于DriveWorks Pro。 DriveWorks Pro为您提供完整的按订单设计解决方案的优势,其软件座位适合每个公司部门和方案。从绘图办公室到网络,从熟练的工程师到非技术销售人员,DriveWorks自动化软件可让您按照SolidWorks内部,交互式,本地或通过Web配置产品的方式。
产品:DriveWorks Pro
版本:V16 SP0
支持的体系结构:32位/ 64位
软件先决条件:SolidWorks 2010-2018
DriveWorks Pro V16 SP0 for  sw

The DriveWorks product team is pleased to announce the availability of DriveWorks Pro V16 software. This solution allows users to automate repetitive tasks in their design process and streamline the generation of design and manufacturing documents and data.

In DriveWorks 16 we’ve built on our extensive Design Automation capabilities, greatly enhanced our 3D capabilities and made sure DriveWorks is positioned as a powerful configurator and CPQ solution company-wide for manufacturing companies.
This release focuses on enhancements to stability and performance, scalability and usability alongside new features. Many of the enhancements in DriveWorks 16 have come from customer suggestions.
Here’s just a few of the enhancements/new features in DriveWorks 16:
- Performance Enhancements
- Timers
- Insert position and mate in a SOLIDWORKS assembly
- Dynamic 3D Preview including Layout
- New Specification Tasks, Functions & Generation Tasks
The DriveWorks Solo and DriveWorks Pro Help Files and Online Documentation have been updated to reflect DriveWorks 16 so you can continue to find answers and articles online, whenever you need them.
DriveWorks Pro V16 SP0
About DriveWorks Pro. DriveWorks Pro gives you the benefits of a complete Design to Order Solution with software seats to suit each company department and scenario. From the Drawing Office to the web, from skilled engineers to non-technical sales staff, DriveWorks Automation software lets you configure your products how you want them whether it is inside SolidWorks, interactively, locally or via the web.
DriveWorks is affordable, easy to use and fast to implement. The software is sold worldwide and supported locally by DriveWorks Certified Resellers. DriveWorks is used by companies across many different markets from trailers to conveyors, furniture to machinery, mechanical seals to pressure vessels, windows and doors. DriveWorks is a SolidWorks Certified Gold Partner.
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